Monday Night Raw – August 12, 2002 | Scott's Blog of Doom!
Monday Night Raw Date: August 12, 2002 Location: Key Arena, Seattle, Washington Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler With less than two weeks to go before Summerslam, it might be nice to add a few matches to the card. Unless I'm missing something, all we have at the moment is Rock vs. Lesnar and HHH vs. Shawn Michaels. While those are both big matches, you need more than that to fill out a show. I mean, Shawn and HHH might disagree but not everyone thinks like they do. Let's get to it. Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrive, tickets in hand. You know, the exclusive contract thing kind of stops meaning anything when people keep showing up like this. Opening sequence. Eric Bischoff blames Stephanie McMahon for Lesnar and Heyman being here. You know, because Lesnar and Heyman are the kind of guys who are going to be in on some big promotion vs. promotion war. Here's HHH to open things up. All week long, people have been asking him how he could do that to his best friend, but Shawn never was his