The Return of the Rant Archives! | Scott's Blog of Doom!
I've had a lot of people e-mail about selling the full rant archives again over the years, so I figured I'd give it another try to help offset the costs of paying for this new site. Rather than hosting the file on my own site this time, I'm just putting it up on Dropbox, which should be easier for everyone. So what do you get? Everything! I've been pretty meticulous with keeping everything I've written over the years, and for your $20 US you get a file containing: - All the PPV rants I've written! - All the TV show reviews (RAW, Nitro, Thunder, Impact, NXT) - All the DVD reviews - All the SNME reviews - All the Clash reviews - All the Sporting News articles - All the Kindle e-books in their original document format - The original document files for One Ring Circus, my third book - The mountains of stuff I wrote on WWE 24/7 while it was around - All the other random crap and UFC and TV reviews that you'd possibly want to read and waste your life with. Pretty much everything is in Word