#Throwbackthursday Wean Green Mama-Melissa Gunning - We Love Glass
A little bit about me, the Wean Green Mama. I compost in high heels. I sort my recycling in designer jeans. I shop at the organic grocer with a beautiful shade of pink lipstick and I lead an eco-chic sorta life! I grew up on cheezies, chicken fingers and those wonderful mini pizzas that McDonald’s has since removed from their menus. My mom scrubbed the toilets with bleach every weekend and I loved the smell! I thought recycling was for hippies(don’t worry I love hippies) and that composting had to involve lots of worms. When I run into people from my past life they always wonder what happened to me. It’s simple. I married for looks and ended up falling madly, deeply in love with a dirt loving, earth hugger. I didn’t fall into this earth lovin’ life easily. It took the hubby a little while to convince me not to throw absolutely everything into the garbage and that riding my bike to work would actually help save the planet. Ever since I started over populating the Earth over 8 years ago I have been very conscious of living environmentally friendly. I purchase less, reuse more and recycle everything! As I venture into the big scary world of starting a business I have re-examined all my eco ways and I am excited to start a journey to ‘green’ my home, business and family. Follow my journey and discoveries as I throw out (recycle) the plastics and bring in the organics. Follow my new blog series, Wean Green Mama’s World! Related