Stories of SUNY Ulster - Zanneya - SUNY Ulster
“I’m trying to get more into activism. Growing up in the area that I did, it was extremely racist, and there were literally like ten people in my school who weren’t white. I got made fun of and called a lot of names, and then I would also see special needs kids being made fun of, and I would be made fun of for being nice to them. And then, you know, there’s so much hatred towards trans and gay people. I just know what it’s like to be discriminated against for something you have no control over. So, you just try to help others. I’ve always wanted to make it a little easier for others because I know what it’s like. It’s just wrong, and if you can do something about it, then why wouldn’t you? Especially with everything going on, with the Black Lives Matter movement and other things, what gives me the right to just sit here when there are people who are getting killed or going to jail for just using their right to protest? Even here, there have been times when I’ve gotten to speak about it in class. I’ve had some good professors who [...]