5 Tips for Succeeding in Online Classes - SUNY Ulster
In college, few things bring out more polarized opinions than online classes. Whether you love them or hate them, there comes a point in nearly everyone’s college career when it makes sense to take at least one, be it to catch up on necessary classes over break or to streamline a class schedule. A number of people consider them very easy; others find them impossible. In the end, the same rules apply to them as to any other college course; it’s mostly dependent on the professor, the class, and the student. No matter your particular situation, however, you can succeed! #1: Plan Ahead The biggest reason I hear from fellow students about why they failed an online class is the same as their reason for failing their regular classes: they didn’t set aside enough time for the work. With an online class, you have to find out when things are due and prepare for them in a timely manner. Find out at the beginning of the semester what days big projects will be due, and write the dates down in a planner. Then look at your own schedule and find a time each week when you can work at smaller projects that occur regularly. [...]