How to Embed a Video Collection
Want to embed videos quickly on your food blog? In just a few minutes, I created this playlist at StreamingGourmet and then used the Grab Widget Code tool to create this player. Embed it on your site or create your own playlist to embed.You can also embed individual videos. There are over 100 collections on StreamingGourmet to choose from, or you can create your own. Just use the search tool to find all the videos related to a topic and click Save as a Playlist. For example, you could search for "asparagus" and this is what the results would look like: In the right hand margin, you will find a tag cloud and the link for saving your results as a playlist. Once your collection is a playlist, you can customize a widget to embed a player on your website. Copy and paste the code and your done. Here's a player widget with a vertical orientation. It took less than three minutes to create this widget and copy into this blog post. Enjoy! Share this post [...]