2008 Plant Delights Nursery September Newsletter
Greetings from soggy NC, where we have had over 13" of rain during the last couple of weeks and are badly in need of a drying out period...sort of like our friends in much of the Gulf Coast region. Overall, it's been a great summer here weather-wise, as we cooled off nicely after the first week of August. After last year's record dry summer, 2008 has been a welcome change. I'm sure we're all far too familiar with the effects felt by the economic downturn, and our industry is no exception. While the nursery industry typically does well even in an economic downturn, the combination of tumbling stock prices, high fuel prices, and an overextended housing mortgage market has played havoc with virtually everyone involved in this industry. We' re all fastened in tight, hoping we can last until the tumultuous ride ends and then hope we still have a seat left. We sincerely thank all of you that have placed an order in 2008. If you haven't visited your favorite garden center or nursery in a