Plant Delights Nursery E-Newsletter August 26, 2010
Dear PDN'ers: Greetings from PDN where fall is finally in the air, after a long, hot summer. We've been enjoying a deluge of rain (6.5" in the last 2 days) after an extended dry spell in midsummer. Along with the cooler temperatures, plants are starting their fall flush and in some cases, rebloom. For those who couldn't work in the garden during the oppressive heat, now is a great time to get back into the garden and add some new plants...hint, hint. We hope you all have your new fall catalog by now, have visited the new website, and have found some treasures that you just can't live without. Remember that only a short time remains before we open for the final time for 2010, September 10-12 and 17-19. The gardens have on their fall coat with an array of foliage and flowers to enjoy. Every Fall Open House we sell off a few of our largest potted variegated agaves that have been restarted, so if these are of interest, drop by to see what is available...many are quite rare but much too