Peter Grande – A Living Sculpture
Here are a few images from the blessed event, starting when Peter began to open around 2pm Friday 4pm Friday - Do you think this view from below makes his hips look big? Below...a view from above @ 4pm Friday as the spathe unfurls, creating a bicolor effect Fully open around 7pm Friday evening having a Georgia O'Keeffe moment By 5pm, it the female parts were receptive, so it was time for the artificial insemination to begin.To reach the female parts, we cut three window in the base of the spathe. Inside are hundreds of female ovaries/stigmas, covered in a sticky syrup to hold the pollen. Next, we made a withdrawal from our sperm bank and recovered the pollen from our own Amorphophallus albus that flowered a few weeks earlier. Our goal is to create a winter hardy, offsetting version of Amorphophallus titanum that we could grow in the ground here. Small paintbrushes are used to apply the pollen to all of the stigmas. The final step is for our surgical team, led by Amorphophallus