2000 Plant Delights Nursery November Newsletter
Well, the 2000 shipping season is drawing to a close, as we reach the end of November. This month has seen several of us glued to our desk, composing the 2001 spring catalog, which will go to the printer in early December, then in the mail on January 1. As always, there is an array of wonderful new introductions, including some of the most exciting new hostas in years! It's been a busy fall with traveling, and I must include a word of thanks to all the great audiences around the country. It is truly rewarding to get a chance to meet customers face to face, and share in your gardening successes. Our fall weather here at the nursery has been outstanding, even with the driest fall on record. If going without a hurricane means drought, then we'll take the drought. Granted we have had to apply a little more water to the display gardens than normal, but that's okay as well. You may be wondering what ended up as our top sellers for the season...and we didn't need four recounts to decide: 1