2010 Plant Delights Nursery May Newsletter
Dear PDN'ers: Greetings from Plant Delights to gardeners around the world. I'd like to begin by thanking everyone for their patience during the busiest part of the spring shipping season, and for your understanding about our large plant losses due to the fertilizer problem that I mentioned last month. Nothing makes us more upset than reserving a plant for someone's order and then having that plant die in the interim before shipping. Obviously, that was a bigger problem this year than ever before, but we are catching up on working through those problems. Again, thanks for your understanding. I'm not the biggest fan of all of the modern technology that often invades every aspect of our lives, but in many cases the proper use of technology really does improve our quality of life. I'm referring in particular to laptop computers (excuse me, I-Pad users). You can say laptops aren't really new, but as with everything time is relative, especially to those of us who remember 1970s computers