2006 Plant Delights Nursery May Newsletter
Well, our Spring Open House is over and we'd like to thank those who attended. We didn't have as many visitors as normal, but this was in part thanks to many folks who did their spring shopping at our winter open house in February. The most memorable moment of our Spring Open House was the dramatic hailstorm that struck while folks were shopping during our final Sunday. This is our fifth hailstorm this spring after having only one in the previous 18 years that we've had the nursery. Someone here must have been really bad. As an incentive to visit during open house, we always add some new plants to the nursery sales area which are not otherwise available. Since attendance was down a bit, we have a few of these left that we are now adding to the web. Click here to view this list of web-only plants. For those who are waiting, we have a new crop of the Arisaema triphyllum 'Black Jack' that are now ready. If you missed the first crop this spring, don't wait, since supplies are still limited