2009 Plant Delights Nursery July Newsletter
Greetings from PDN to gardeners around the plant world. We've finally been getting some heat over the last few weeks so our bananas and elephant ears are finally growing. Once again, we left our Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant' clump in the ground over winter and is has returned and is now over waist high. The secret to overwintering these seems to be covering the main growing point with a foot of shredded leaf mulch. I know I said we were having heat, but that's NC heat, which is nothing to compare with the poor folks in Texas or Arizona. Garden writer and plantsman Greg Grant sent me a photo of his thermometer that hit 115 F, last week in east Texas. Gardeners in the Northeast and some parts of the Midwest have conversely seen much cooler than normal temperature with many cold high temperatures records being set. We're in the final stages of readying the 2009 Fall catalog and part of that annual process is reducing the size of our mailing list. This is done when our computer