2003 Plant Delights Nursery January Newsletter
January is off to a roaring start in many ways as orders begin rolling in. So far, we aren't sold out of any catalog items, but unexpected strong demand on a few items will soon result in some sold out postings. Remember that when you pay for your plants, they are reserved for you until you want them shipped (or your climate allows). The only exception would occur if the plants that we have set aside for you fail to survive until this time (which rarely occurs). Weatherwise, it's been a hard winter, but good from a perspective of being consistently cold. We have had lows of only 10 degrees F, but we've seen damage on plants that have been unaffected by lower temperatures in previous years. Surprisingly, plants that we expected to see damaged have so far been unaffected. January was a busy travel month with trips ranging from Hawaii to Maine. Having the good fortune to meet a Colocasia breeder in Hawaii, we have signed an agreement to trial many of his new cultivars here on the NC