2006 Plant Delights Nursery February Newsletter
Greetings from Plant Delights. If you can tear yourselves away from the thrill of Olympic Curling, we hope you are enjoying your 2006 Plant Delights Nursery Catalog. We also hope you have had time to check out the many wonderful plants and other features on our website. The web catalog has more than 1000 additional plants that are not available in the printed catalog. Overall, it's been a great winter at PDN so far with a low temperature of only 19 degrees F. That's about 14 degrees above our normal, so marginally hardy plants in the garden have fared quite well while plants that need a long winter chill are still quite groggy. The only downside is that we are not able to update our hardiness data with such mild temperatures. We have recently discovered that a small rogue band of dyslexic gremlins snuck into the press room when our catalog was being printed. We have found a few dozen catalogs with pages 32-71 missing (actually they were repeated with earlier pages). If you happen to