2005 Plant Delights Nursery February Newsletter
It's been great to see everyone this spring at the CENTS and New England Grows Trade Shows. Now, the speaking season switches to homeowner groups, which have also been superb this spring. Speaking of traveling, I've recently returned from a fabulous three-week botanizing expedition through South Africa in search of bulbs, ferns, and other cool perennials. We traveled over 3,000 miles from Capetown in the South to the Drakensberg Mountains in the East. The trip exploration log with photos should be ready in the next few weeks...I'll let you know when it is posted. Spring has already gotten off to quite a start when we were hit with 80+ mph straight line winds that ripped the covers from five greenhouses, tossed a golf cart 150 feet into a creek, and generally reeked havoc at the nursery. Re-covering greenhouses in a steady 40 mph wind is not the easiest of tasks, even after we were able to find someone that had extra rolls of greenhouse plastic for sale...thanks, Coors Farm Supply. It