2012 Plant Delights Nursery July Newsletter
June was quite a month, starting with a botanical expedition to the Balkans, including the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro. During my 2010 expedition to Crete, my traveling companion, Tom Mitchell and I talked quite a bit about the Balkan flora. Tom had botanized the region a dozen times and he thought many of the plants there would be a good climate match for North Carolina. After not leaving the country for two years because of Michelle's illness, I was thankful for the opportunity to join up with Tom again and get back in the field. The trip was a wonderful success and it was great to see so many familiar plants growing in the wild...epimedium, hellebores, pulmonaria, asarum, iris, etc. As in the past, I kept a daily expedition diary, which has now been posted with photos on our website. While I was gone, the weather here in NC was much cooler than normal. Once I returned, however, we entered a three week period of unseasonably hot, record-setting temperatures