2012 Plant Delights Nursery August Newsletter
We hope you've had a chance to peruse the fall catalog online. The printed copies are in the mail and some may have already arrived. This fall, we've included the largest number of new plants ever in a fall catalog, so we trust you'll find something that suits your fancy...and your garden! We've had a blast this summer on Facebook and we hope more of you will join us there. Just recently we shared photos of the behind-the-scenes process of printing our catalog that generated lots of interest. We'll continue to share photos of cool plants from the garden and other things that get us excited. If you're not on Facebook or are afraid to venture into social media, I felt the same way until I discovered the amazing capacity for teaching and information sharing that is available there. If you need some help getting started, don't hesitate to shoot an email to and we'll guide you through the process. Go to Sign Up using the sign up form. Facebook will