2003 Plant Delights Nursery August Newsletter
August seems like it just started but indeed it's already ended. The highlight of the month was an amazing trip to the UK to collect plants and visit plant friends. I was finally able to visit several places on my "must visit" list including Crug Farms, Ashwood Nursery, Cotswold Flower Gardens and Hillier Arboretum. The visit to each was superb and I am already trying to figure out a time to return. I was able to bring back loads of very cool new plants (16 hours of washing before inspections). The in-transit wait is always nerve-wracking, but thank goodness the plants arrived safely back at the nursery after several days in the mail. Back at the nursery, attention has been focused on keeping plants from rotting in their containers, which is always one of the most difficult chores during rainy years. While losses have been greater than we would have liked, we are still far short of the potential disaster from such a rainy year. We do appreciate your understanding when a plant is out of