Agave winter protection experiment
One of the difficulties growing agaves in our climate is keeping them dry in winter. Our biggest losses occur when temperatures drop below 20 degrees F, and the ground is damp. While we always plant agave on slopes, that only helps with the external does not necessarily keep the soil dry. Once agaves grow large enough, they are better able to shed water and keep the soil dry, so our dilemma is getting young plants to survive. This year, we decided to experiment using microwave covers. Keep in mind we are not interested in cold protection, only protection from moisture. We were also looking for something that would keep the soil dry, while not baking the plants when the sun was bright. If the covers were not filled with holes, the heat underneath would actually make the plants start to grow and become more cold sensitive. We're only half way through winter, but so far, our experiment is a great success. We only cover the agaves several days before the temperatures