Why Cats Love Luge 🐱❄ | The Out-U-Go! Blog
It's almost time for the 2018 Winter Olympics and cats everywhere are getting their cat nip and favorite viewing spots ready. Some cats love curling, a few enjoy snowboarding, but many will spend seconds watching luge. Why do cats love luge? Speed of event - very little sleep disruption Tight spandex. #respectthat Support any sport done while lying down Similar to Skeleton, but without reminding us of cat costumes February's P.O.T.M. is... Magoo Type: Pug fun fact: Big City, Little Dog: Mr. Magoo may not be the biggest fan of the snow, but with being less than a year old - everything is a new and exciting experience! Known to make human friends on the spot, he has quickly become a celebrity in his building and at the local parks. Mr. Magoo's favorite activity is gobbling down his lunch everyday!