🌞 Five Warm-weather Waggie Activities | The Out-U-Go! Blog
Greetings, Pet Parents! As our lives get busier, vacations get planned, backyard barbecues are booked, and time seems to be moving all too quickly, be sure and block out some time outdoors with your pup! Outdoor play is just darn good for the soul. A few activities that will have your pup's tail-a-waggin' (and you smiling) are: Sprinkler time A stroll along the beach A canine play date Teach your pup to skateboard…and please send us a vid. Go for a hike Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs, - Your BFFs at Out-U-Go! May's P.O.T.M. is... Coco Type: German Shepherd Age: 11 years fun fact: This old gal is always a delight! She never meets us with anything other than a smile. Always ready for a walk, even in the rain, this sweet senior knows how to get the most out of her walks. Love you Miss Coco!