With great power comes great responsibility... -
“What are you doing?” It was a question I received a lot lately but it still startled me from my nap. “What do you mean? She said it was fine!” I said defensively. As my vision cleared I saw it was Bruce. “I thought you were in Denmark?” Concern flashed across Bruce's face. “Are you drunk? It doesn’t matter. What are you doing here in Stu’s office?” “Ah, well that’s a tale even older than the language in which it was written. You see when a man loves a woman very much…” He sighed. “Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just taking the piss. I’m fine.” I used my foot to subtly hide the half full bottle of scotch lying on the floor next to my chair. “I’m acting CEO of olilolo while Stu is away marrying his child-bride.” “You should really stop saying that. The rumours are affecting the stock price. She’s in her mid-twenties. There’s only six years between them.” “True, but he started those rumours about me passing out naked in the city fountains.” “That wasn’t Stu that was the papers. Remember, you have the article framed in your office? “City drunk takes a dunk” was the unimaginative headline if I recall.” “I see. Well how can I help you then?”