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National Scholarship Test | Vanguard B School Bangalore Attention Prospective students As a student who is interested in doing an MBA, you are flooded with information about a wide range of B-schools. Full-page ads screaming that they are better than the IIMs, making tall claims. Sprawling campuses, huge advertisements and quality of education imparted - these have no relation to each other. The costs of infrastructure and advertising are recovered from the student by way of fee. And sadly, even the fees charged and the salary offered at the placements, are not co-related. Chances to Win a Scholarship. Appear for the first ever National Scholarship Test from Vanguard Business School and realise your dreams of doing MBA ( 2 years of Management Program) for free ( * conditions apply) Click here to register for National Scholarship Test ( ) Date of Scholarship Test : April 10th, 2011 About Vanguard B School : Vanguard is founded by IIM &