Building a Powerful Sitemap | Teck Trip from Mind Bird Solutions we design bangalore
Sitemaps are a way of presenting the visitors to see and navigate the layout of your website. Sitemaps are necessary not only for human visitors but search engines spiders as well. The sitemap acts like the outline of a book. The method of linking to your sitemap must always be visible on the homepage of your website as well as each page to make it easy for the visitors in locating it. The sitemap must include all of the major categories of your internet site with all relevant sub categories that are listed like table of contents in a book. The links in a book must be simple as well as descriptive so that visitors have a clear understanding of what they are navigating into. In short, every link must have a description of what the target page is about for every link. It ensures the human visitors to use your sitemap as a navigation system. By offering description for each link will offer search engine spiders with more keyword rich text so that sitemap pages can obtain a good ranking in