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What is OpenXML SQL Server 2000 provides a system-defined function, OpenXML, that creates Rowsets from XML documents. OPENXML allows the data in XML document to be treated just like the columns and rows of your database table The OPENXML function allows developers to parse XML data so that it can be stored as relational data in tabular form. This function supports the XML data type and the sp_xml_preparedocument system stored procedure accepts this new data type. This procedure is used by OPENXML function. Whereas SQL Server 2000 allowed the use of varchar, nvarchar, text or ntext variables to generate a document handle using the abovementioned stored procedure, SQL Server 2005 allows developer to use the xml variable additionally. Advantages of Using OPENXML Inserting from XML is faster when using openxml OPENXML provides an easy way to use an XML document as a data-source for your procedures. OPENXML limitations OPENXML is very memory intensive. The pointer returned by the