Crime Pays Now — Reflections From a Murky Pond
As all Americans know - or bloody well should know by this point - Liberals and Progressives, the bulk of those supporting Democrat politicians with money and votes, hate history except when that history or the careful revision of it can pain Americans, especially Whites, in a bad light. Hence, it's not too shocking that our domestic enemies have openly rejected the historical adage, "Crime doesn't pay." Indeed, our domestic enemies have, instead, embraced the exact opposite of this truism. Now, if the verminous perp is of the correctly protected persuasion, crime does in fact pay. It does, at least in Richmond, CA where the Democrats have decided to pay thugs not to kill people. It'd Sho Be A Shame If Sometin' Happened Up In This Fly Town Yes, you read that right; Richmond, CA is paying violent felons to refrain from committing further violent crimes ... And other Democrat ruled municipalities are looking to do the same.