Welcome to our online store! We are happy to accept all major credit cards online via PayPal. Simply click "add to cart" next to any item you wish to purchase. Currently we can only ship items purchased from our online store to addresses within the United States. For international orders, please contact us: or call 484-461-7278 to place an order directly with a Jim Smith, Jr. International store employee. NEW: Order Today! THE NO EXCUSE GUIDE TO SUCCESS No Matter What Your Boss - Or Life - Throws At You By Jim "Mr. Energy" Smith, Jr. Price: $14.99 plus S/H Almost everyone is guilty of playing the blame game. It's satisfying and easy to do. If we despise our work, we can blame our manager or even our short-sighted organization for its inability to recognize our genius. If our personal lives are a disaster, we can blame our spouses, more