Jim’s Journal: No Pain, No Gain – Really!
My client, Wilson’s Leather, held an employee celebration at the senior leader’s ranch after we finished day-three of the leadership training. It was a Saturday afternoon in September of 2003. The ranch was spectacular, spacious, picturesque and simply beautiful! We swam, went on hay rides, played horseshoes, Frisbee and basketball and still found time to devour all of the food that was on the grill and in the kitchen. After I let my ribs, hot dogs, potato salad, fruit salad and cheese burgers digest, I participated in an extremely competitive game of volleyball. You would have thought we were playing for a gold medal. At match point, I jumped to spike the ball and landed awkwardly. An epidural injection couldn’t have made the pain I felt go away. And I heard a loud pop as soon as it happened, too. 48 hours more