Jim’s Journal: The Bigger the Stage
Gretzky, Jordan, Ali, Montana, the King of Pop and the Beatles did it. Oprah, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Floyd Mayweather and our Navy Seals do it. What’s “it?” “It” is performing their best on the big stage (or when the stakes are high). Give them a huge stage and watch them do their thing! I’m writing about this now because lately, as I’ve been facilitating my “No Excuses” and “Present Like a Pro” workshops, participants have been talking about how flustered and nervous they become when management is in attendance or on their “special project”. I hear sentiments like, “I do better in front of small crowds.” “I’m at my best in front of people I don’t know.” “I always feel extra pressure when the leaders are sitting in the back of the room.” “Management always makes me second-guess more