Two Paths To Targeted Advertising by @berkson0
Lately I've seen two paths to getting your advertising message to your target audience. They both have a measure of effectiveness and they both require an ever deepening understanding of your consumer -- two paths to the same goal. The challenge is matching content with context. With all the reality shows out there, I'm suggesting one for the marketing industry. Do it at a trade show, a conference, or even a Google Hangout. Here's the premise: have a panel review a series of ads and then determine the demographics and specificity of the audience. It's a reality check for contextual marketing. It's not all bad, but I think we need some perspective. Yes, we live in the age of context but I see two types of context emerging. I call it Youtube vs. Adwords. Not that it's just Youtube or just Adwords. It's about targeting a specifically identified audience with content vs. creating content to find a specifically identified audience. Targeting Your Audience I did a search for a product on