The Anatomy of Anonymity by @berkson0
Anonymize. That's a word I hear often these days in terms of how businesses are managing the challenge of balancing the value proposition of Big Data against concerns of privacy. Therein lies a dichotomy of a customized experience vs. the privacy advocates. It's clear being able to correlate data with specific individuals has enormous value in terms of targeted marketing and user experience. So it seems businesses are faced with a combination technology and public relations challenge: use the data that is (often) freely given to improve their products and services while avoiding the appearance of knowing just a bit too much about their customers. The "creepiness" factor. Like many, I appreciate a customized experience. The flip side of the anonymity/Big Data issue is the value consumers derive from a more customized, relevant experience. For many, it changes how we interact online. I have what I call my "clean" browser. I have an instance of Opera which I've configured to not save any