Pervasive Media And The Now Generation by @berkson0
As much as we think we're approaching maturity in our ability to create multi-platform content we are still a long way from fully understanding the true potential. Back in the 50's I Love Lucy was a groundbreaking television show. Among many other firsts, it was the first show to be shot in front of a live audience using three 35mm cameras simultaneously. Flash forward 60 years to Sharknado 2 which not only drew a record number of jaded viewers to watch a made-for-TV movie, but it was estimated that it produced over 1 billion Twitter impressions and become perhaps the most social TV movie, ever. At the same time, I was at Campus Technology 2014 this week in Boston and Steve Swartz of Fitchburg State University on a panel on mobility on campus gave me my new favorite term: ubiquitous availability. What he means is we have to constantly consider the implications of mobile technology and ubiquitous access to information. It affects how we build out infrastructure and it affects how we