Is Knowing Which Song Comes Next A Critical 21st Century Skill? by @berkson0
I heard this new song by Jack White, Lazaretto. I've listened to it dozens of times. After the umpteenth time it occurred to me that what I really wanted was another song just like it. I wanted to know what song comes next. I tried Pandora and Spotify, but they just didn't cut it. I see this as just an example of the challenges we face today trying to find what we're looking for -- or even what we don't know we're looking for -- in an endless sea of content. I've talked about two important skills of the 21st Century: the ability to vet the content you consume and the ability to rapidly synthesize content. My third skill relates to my question about which song comes next. It has to do with being able to vet and synthesize, and then correlate, organize and disseminate. That skill is curation. I was listening to an interview with Jimmy Iovine. A specific problem he's looking to solve is answering what he feels is a very important question (and one which as it happens was important to me