Influence Measurement Optimization™ by @berkson0
There's lot's of discussion – pro and con – about trying to measure influence, particularly in social media. The ability to accurately capture, analyze and rank influence is extraordinarily valuable. The key word is "accurately." There are many vendors (Klout, Peerindex, et al) trying to figure this out. Recently Klout came up with a +K button, an interesting invention. It's like a more focused #ff (Follow Friday), for those familiar with it. But it got me to thinking about the nature of influence in general and where this could be leading. I've discussed influence in marketing before (see Dark Matter and Invisible Thought Leaders) but I feel like we are moving towards a new era in "influence awareness." Heisenberg Social Media Uncertainty Principle Sean McGinnis' recent post The Problem With Klout discussed some of the challenges with one influence measurement vendor: Klout. He writes: The minute you pay attention to your Klout score is the instant your Klout score stops being