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Mike Ross I'm just a grateful NYC kind-of-guy living with my remarkable wife on a 600 acre lake. When not helping individuals, associations, and some really great companies make the most of the latest and greatest technology and business practices, I'm engaged in "getting to know what I don't know." My passion, especially in times of economic turmoil, clearly centers on helping people to communicate, collaborate, and strategically optimize their forward thinking to achieve the needs of an organization. Follow me on Twitter Mike Ross on LinkedIn Stan Berkson I am an expert in the publishing field with over 40 years of experience, so I have a lot of memories to laugh about and to cry over. Until 1995, I led two lives, one as an officer and manager for a major New York publisher, and the other as the owner and sole employee of Stanley Graphics, a home-based design business. At home, in the early days, I started in the "cut and paste" mode. In the corporate world, one of my major