Promoting an Entire Community in the El Paso Downtown Arts District
Rules are meant to be broken. The City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department certainly followed this advice when they realized how useful having a Mobile App would be to promote arts and culture in El Paso. While InstantEncore mobile apps are amazing tools for promotion and increasing audience engagement of individual presenters, the brand new El Paso Downtown Arts District app looks to do the same thing but on a much larger scale. Events The events list is much larger in scope. It includes events across several different performance venues in the Arts District. Example: Three events highlighted in the El Paso Downtown Arts District App From the El Paso Symphony to touring acts passing through to exhibits and street installations of local artists, their app aims to list every major event that residents and tourists alike might be interested in checking out. Engagement While most Geofences focus on a single venue, the El Paso Downtown Arts District again focuses on the bigger picture. Geofence surrounding the El Paso Downtown Arts District By surrounding the entire arts district with one Geofence, they’ve made sure that whenever someone with the app visits the area, they will be prompted with a notification to check out upcoming events in the app. Custom messages will be used in conjunction with the generic welcome message to alert visitors of special events. El Paso Downtown Arts District still has the option of creating additional Geofences later, should they decide to have an even more specifically targeted location based message. Check it out! Click here to download the El Paso Downtown Arts District’s App