A Fresh Perspective from Friends of Chamber Music Portland
The Friends of Chamber Music (FOCM) in Portland, OR have been a loyal InstantEncore partner for over seven years. In that time they have made countless hours of performance audio available to their audiences. This has given thousands of people the opportunity to re-live the concert experience from the comfort of their homes. But as we all know, this is a mobile world and modern audiences demand the ability to consume their content whenever and wherever it is most convenient. So what better way to provide this content than with a unique audience engagement platform? We caught up with FOCM Marketing & Community Engagement Coordinator Jessica Reynolds to get her fresh perspective on their Mobile App after having just completed its publishing process. What are their plans and what do they look forward to with this new engagement tool? Why did you decide to offer a mobile app for your patrons? We wanted a fast and easy way to connect with our audience. Especially with our younger tech-savvy patrons. Why did you choose InstantEncore’s mobile solution? FOCM has been using InstantEncore since 2009 to share live recordings of our performances. When InstantEncore presented their mobile solutions to us, we knew this was going to be a great way to reach our younger audiences. What are the main benefits for patrons who download your app? Our patrons can easily browse upcoming events, purchase tickets, stream live recordings, receive exclusive offers, read recent news and reviews, interact with other patrons, and get complete performance info including artist bios and repertoire. What’s your favorite thing about your app? We love that all of our patron’s comments, questions, and photos show up on the At-The-Venue social feed. It will be fun to see everyone’s experience and feedback at the concert. How will you promote your mobile app? We will promote our app through eNewsletters, concert programs, and curtain speeches. Also, we plan on setting up a special table during intermission to help and remind others to download our app What has customer support been like? The customer support is wonderful and exceeded our expectations. Erick has always been reachable and comes up with easy solutions. Check it out! Click here to download the Friends of Chamber Music PDX’s App