Enhanced Push Notification Resource Roundup
Enhanced Push Notifications have been available in our Apps for about a month now and, as we prepare for the 2015-16 season, this is the perfect time to make sure your settings are updated and that you’re ready with all the tools you need to make Enhanced Push Notifications a part of your successful marketing strategy. Here is a list of tips, suggestions, and how-to videos that cover every detail of the upgraded push notification system: Introduction and Overview: Blog: Why Should You Use Push Notifications Webinar: New & Improved Push Notifications Enhanced Push Note Setup: Blog: A Better Way to Encourage Opt-Ins for App Notifications Blog: Push Notification Interest and Category Suggestions Blog: 7 Tips for Customizing Your App’s Welcome Screen Video: Setting Up and Editing Interests Video: Adding Categories and Their Options Video: Customizing Your Push Notification Welcome Message Sending an Enhanced Push Note: Video: Composing the Push Note Message Video: Connecting Push Notes to Content with Tap Actions Video: Adding an Interactive Button to Your Push Note Video: Targeting the Right Audience for Your Push Note Video: Limiting a Push Note to Particular Devices Video: Scheduling Your Push Note’s Delivery