Study shows that when women are in leading roles, more people go and see those films. – IndieFlix Blog
A study carried about by the Creative Arts Agency and shift7 has found that female-led films outperform others at the box office. Read more about the study and the findings here. Watch a few films with female leads on IndieFlix.LolaThe story of a troubled woman and her search for identity. She is given a choice between a return to the dysfunction of the past, or a new life in a self assumed identity.Drama97 minutesWatch NowThe Light and the Little GirlA young girl finds herself entranced by a beam of light moving through her home and tries to capture it in a jar, only to realize that there are things she loves that she cannot possess.Short6 minutesWatch NowThe RiveterA costume drama following a newlywed whose husband is called in to war. As she begins to lead a new life on her own, a chance encounter changes her outlook on an already dissolving old world.Drama, Series5 minute episodesWatch NowI Say DustTwo Arab-American women in New York City fall in love, argue home and identity, engage in a chess battle, and express themselves through the power of the spoken word.Short14 minutesWatch Now