Online Marketing Trends | ImWithoutStress
I have noticed that marketing trends are a lot like air travel. Some trends are ready for takeoff while others need time for more passengers to get on board. This list features the top 10 marketing trends, with some advice to help you determine if the trend is "ready for takeoff" and worthy of your time and money now, or "still boarding" and better for you to just test out. 1. Deals and Rewards Ready for takeoff. This will be a year of bargain hunting because the economy is still recovering and consumers have more price-checking tools at their fingertips. So use your marketing to attract shoppers with unbeatable deals. Then seek profits by generating repeat sales and referrals from your new customers. Also, be ready to respond with instant price reductions or other incentives when shoppers use mobile devices to compare retailers' prices. 2. Mobile Pull Marketing Ready for takeoff. Mobile pull marketing means giving consumers ways to interact with your advertising over mobile devices,