Endocrine and Cardiovascular Systems | ImWithoutStress
We have 11 organ systems within our body. We have already talked about 3 of the body's 11 organ systems. We will briefly review these here and then cover 2 more systems. Basic Support for All Systems All cells in the body, and therefore all organs and organ systems, require the same basic "raw materials" and support: *Complete range of amino acids (protein) to ensure proper building of the various tissues. *Complete range of vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and glucose to ensure all building materials are available for tissue use. *Free-flowing lines of communication. *Diet and lifestyle support. Certain substances or support may be of particular benefit to an individual system. These will be listed below, but each system must have all the above "basics" covered first. Digestive System: This system has been discussed the most because: *It processes and provides the raw materials needed by all tissues throughout the body *It is the one we most need to understand and support in