SAG Awards Sets 2017 Fashion Trends for the Seasons To Come.
SAG Awards Show sets 2017 Fashion Trends. It sets the stage as the precursor for all other Movie, TV, and even Music Awards show. The Fashion presented there is usually the front runner for the seasons ahead. SAG Awards Fashions I would even go on to say that it’s the precursor for the Jewelry Trends of the year. SAG Awards Jewelry Trends I was definitely looking for that. Unfortunately I was left still left looking. I was so unimpressed at the effort that was put into this awards show with regards to the Display of Jewelry. It seemed a bit too casual for my taste. Simplistic SAG Awards Jewelry Trends I like formal attire to be properly complimented with Diamonds. A complete elegant look should have some sort of sparkle. A diamond necklace is always a great option to add to a very clean and classy dress. And long diamond earrings are the perfect embellishment to an already embellished evening gown. A classy sleek dress always needs a little something to really make its debut. The Men, on the other hand looked very sparkly and dapper. The Fashionable Men At the SAG Awards James Marsden, Ryan Gosling, and Joe Manganiello real stood out. For me, growing up bow ties were so old fashioned…but now, for some reason, they just make every guy look that much hotter. What higher esteem can you get than the recognition from your fellow actors? If this wasn’t the show to be drenched in your best then what is? I was quit impressed with Viola Davis though. She won an award for best actor in a supporting role in the movie Fences. And I give her an award for her stunning choice of black-tie attire. Viola Davis Wears a Stunning A Diamond Necklace at the SAG Awards