Exchange Flags at Night
Exchange Flags at night - someone has put up these cool spotlights that seem to get moved around a fair bit, so every time I go back the light has changed. They're currently pointed at the floor in front of the statue and at the newsroom war memorial in the wall near the walkthroughs. Was after an old black and white movie feel here. I've also started working on a 365 project - for those who don't know what a 365 project is, the idea is you take a photo every single day for a year. There's no particular theme to mine but to keep it interesting (to me anyway!) I am sticking to the one camera body (my old D40, assuming it lasts the course) and an old Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens - manual metering, manual focus, nothing automatic in other words. You can find the first six days of my 365 here.