Social networking
What does web-based social networking means for you? Every one of us live in a social network composed by family, friends, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, people you meet every day in the street, store attendants, business partners, people in the media that we either admire or loath, and, if we are celebrities ourselves, the people that admire, support, or follow us. We might have joined a club, or a school play, meeting people who share an interest and who otherwise we might not have met. People that come in and out in our lives but that leave a strong impression, people we met by chance or by mistake but with who we connect. People we probably never met physically, but to who we pen-pal, meet at bbs, Usenet, or web forums, or just chat. So that is a social network, the sum of all people we connect, and the way we connect with them. Not … Continue reading →