What is most important to you? | BlingYou
Have you ever used the service Stumbleupon? It's basically a service where people add things they find interesting within a certain area, be it photography or humor, and by doing so recommend it to others with similar interests. I use it from time to time, when I have no idea what I want to read or if I am bored with whatever I normally check when I go surfing. One of the really great things about this service, is that you will be sent to web pages you probably would not find yourself or through google - usually because you did not think of actually searching for it. I have experienced numerous times that I have an interest in stuff I did not know I had an interest in :) When stumbling around I wast presented with a blog that asked me what my favorite things are. I was about to zoom on by when I realized that I actually didn't really know. I am, probably like most of you, living in a society where we are overwhelmed by things - we basically have everything one could possibly want or