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"Don't be afraid to fail. You're gonna fail sometimes. Be afraid not to try." ---A Through-Hiker I met on the Continental Divide Trail Hi Everyone! Happy 2017! It's sort of raining here, a cold mist that never really falls but never really goes away, either. All this sloppy humidity made me sort of long for the desert, which made me think of the guy I met on the CDT, near Skull Bridge, outside of Abiquiu, New Mexico. It was so hot and dusty that day, and yet here was this guy, Daniel I think his name was, happily meandering through the desert, headed deeper into the Chama Wilderness. I shared my water with him, and he shared some gorp, and we talked for awhile before heading in our different directions. He was one of those people you just know is a Spiritual Badass: Always seeking out the lesson; always sharing and giving love to strangers; always present to the fact that mostly happiness is a choice, especially when you are hot and tired and thirsty and still have several