Grief is Itself a Medicine | Blessings Enterprises
Hello all! I got one of those flashback type things this week, telling me I'm a blogger slacker, and that I should post something. They suggested I re-post this, a lil thing I wrote about 5 years ago, which was evidently one of the most read blog posts here, although why, I honestly cannot say. I read it again with a nostalgic mix of feelings, reflecting on how much is different, and how much is so very much the same since this was written. Same steeples, same fields, same cords of wood lining the homes. Same poverty, same untamed wilderness, same beauty, same red dirt road. I guess when all is said and done, maybe what's changed is a deepening, a realization that if wisdom does come with age, it's more because you realize one day that there's not much new in the world, but that's beautiful in its own way. Hopefully you grow in knowledge, in patience and kindness, learn to open your heart more and practice love. But for the most part, a lot stays the same, even as it constantly