Abundant Harvest | Blessings Enterprises
Hello all! We are back in St. Louis, and I wanted to check in on the happenin's round here. I drove home last week, and am adjusting to the weather here, storms and humidity a visceral reminder I am in the Midwest again. I ran a few errands yesterday, windows down even with the heat, foot light on the gas, sun beating down through the sun roof, half listening to the sorrowful news coming through the speakers. It wafted through in stark contrast to the landscape here, seemingly impossibly lush and verdant after spending two months in the desert, fertile green holding the promise of new life and abundant harvest. We spent some time in Chaco Canyon while we were in New Mexico, the picture you see is a view through the doorways of time, in the old Pueblo Bonito kiva. Those doorways are about 1200 years old, still quite intact, and they have remained stable, through life and death and the rebirth that always comes, no matter the details said lives and deaths may hold. Through rain and