Battle Resumes in California Over Police Use of Deadly Force | Black Voice News
Don Thompson Associated Press Sacramento, CA (AP) — One of the California Legislature's hottest criminal justice debates resumed Wednesday with competing proposals over when police can use deadly force, a topic that has torn the nation amid police shootings of young minority men. Democratic Assemblywoman Shirley Weber of San Diego said she'll try again to set a nation-leading standard that would allow police to kill only when it is necessary to prevent imminent and serious injury or death. "This means they may use force only if there is no reasonable alternative, including warnings, verbal persuasion or other non-lethal methods of resolution or de-escalation," Weber said. She acted a day after two leading law enforcement groups proposed keeping the current legal standard that lets police open fire when they fear for their lives. The organizations representing California police chiefs and rank-and-file officers sweetened their proposal with calls for more training and an emphasis on